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Welcome to the Airway Therapeutic Brands product sizing guide page. The following information is presented to assist with your understanding of how our products should be correctly sized and fit.

Supports & Braces

Sizing for Champion Health & Sport Supports, and OTC Professional Orthopedic is determined by a simple circumference measurement taken at a specific anatomical location on the body (for example, a measurement around the smallest part of the ankle for an ankle support; a measurement around the bend of the knee for a knee support). Sizing directions and parameters can be found on the product detail pages on this site, or in our product catalogs.

OTC Orthotics and Prosthetics may require a combination of circumference and length (or depth) measurements. These products are usually doctor-prescribed or recommended. Measurements are best taken by a trained technician; fitting should also be performed by the same technician.

Truform-Airway Plus Elastic Compression Products

Sizing for support hosiery and compression sleeves is determined by combinations of circumference and length measurements, or by combinations of height and weight data. Some items, due to their design, may be “quick-fit” by shoe or sock size.
Click here for a guide to fitting Truform-Airway Plus Therapeutic Compression Stockings..

Sizing charts for Truform-Airway Plus hosiery and sleeves may be accessed as noted below: